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Kommen Sie zum Stand von OnTime (↑) und zum Vortrag von Dominic Ley, Q!kom und Lars Thielker, IBM am 17. Oktober um 10:35  – 10:50 Uhr. OnTime zeigt die Vorschau für OnTime MS für IBM Connections.


Vortrag: Power up your Salesforce Opportunities by using IBM Watson Workspace as your talented Dealroom

IBM Watson Workspace is a great place for loose discussions to reach the perfect customer solution. It’s easy to start web meetings, invite other persons, share contents and make context-sensitive decisions by machine learning, aka. Moments.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to get the right context for meeting in a space by a structured system like Salesforce?
Wouldn’t it be great to let that system manage your space properties like members, livecycle and process summary?

Connect the best of both worlds: Free, talented collaboration platform and result focused CRM system.

  • Sep 17 / 2018