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OnTime® für Microsoft Teams ist da, die vollständige Integration des Gruppenkalenders in Microsoft Teams, die alle Möglichkeiten und Zeitplanungsfeatures des OnTime® Desktop Client bietet. Klicken Sie hier(↑) und schauen Sie auf der OnTime-Seite (↑)  das Einführungsvideo.
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Intravision präsentiert OnTime® für Microsoft Teams:
OnTime for MS Teams at no extra cost!

The highly anticipated OnTime for MS Teams is now available with the release of version 3.0 of OnTime for Microsoft! 

We have a belief that the best Group Calendar is available where the team works because using a Group Calendar should be so smooth, that you don’t even have to think about it, and with the OnTime Group Calendar integration in MS Teams, we believe we have done just that.

Having to constantly switch between different platforms when working in your team, while trying to locate people in your calendar, all just to get an overview of what the team is doing and when they might be available is not just time-consuming – it’s downright frustrating. It was therefore important for us to create this integration, especially with the increasing amount of request we got for it from our customers. With OnTime in MS Teams we have worked to not just integrate the Group Calendar, but to also make sure the Group Calendar have features that make it easy to use in MS Teams. We have solved this by making some special MS Teams related features in the calendar, which are:

  •  When you open the Group Calendar tab in MS Teams it will always give you an up to date view of the members of the team, meaning that the Group Calendar is automatically updated if someone leaves or joins the team.
  • The „This Team“ button will allow you to always return to just seeing the people who are in the team you are accessing OnTime through, this is useful since you can navigate around in your own and the organisational groups from MS Teams.
  • The „Team meeting“ button will create a meeting invite with everyone from the team as required invitees on the first available time slot, which you can then edit the details of and use the „Find Free Time“ button to get a list of other possible time slots.

OnTime in MS Teams is an addition to the Core Product, which is included at no extra cost.


  • Jan 09 / 2019