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Is it possible to access my Salesforce contacts in Outlook?

Connecting people across tenants and systems

As a company grows, so does their reach – or at least that is the goal. By reach, we mean the amount of people we are in contact with, can show or sell our products or services to and the scope even beyond that as we continue to grow. With that, certain issues tend to show themselves, especially when it comes to personally or digitally trying to reach out to these ever-growing numbers of people.

Back in the day, we used physical paper address books to keep a list of names, phone numbers and other important data as well as dozens if not hundreds of business cards for the same purpose. Nowadays, the same function can be found in Outlook, within Salesforce and other systems and calendars.

Having multiple address books also means that, when you work across several systems or tenants, you have to switch from program to program to find the right person and their data sometimes.

  • Can I view all my contacts within Outlook without needing to copy paste them into my personal contacts?
  • Is there a way to access and filter contacts depending on their name and source? (Salesforce, Exchange directory, private, etc.)

The End of Copy Paste

As it stands, if you have multiple tenants, Exchange, private contacts and Salesforce, you’ll undoubtedly end up copy pasting contacts from A to B – sometimes more than once. This dilutes the private list in Outlook and defeats the purposes if it ends up being used as an address book for hundreds, if not thousands of other contacts from Salesforce, and so on. The other option, of course, would be to skip between programs, platforms and sometimes even from digital to physical and vice versa to find needed contacts, which just costs a lot of time and increases the chances of making mistakes or missing data. What is needed is a bridge that gaps those problems in one go.

The All-in-One Solution

OnTime is that bridge: No matter if you’re looking to create a meeting with somebody, want to look for shared free time slots, invite external people, look through the Exchange directory or your Salesforce CRM. OnTime manages to connect your calendar overview with all the data of contacts that you need or want to have access to and combines them into an easy-to-use way to organize all your needs in one place.Searching for a name shows you which contact data base they are from, while Advanced Search allows you to look within specific contact data bases.

When choosing participants or invitees, you can immediately see what contact list the person is from or, in the advanced options, search contacts by directory.

This allows you to gather information from varaious tenants, from your own Exchange or your Salesforce, including the possibility to work multi-tenant or even multi-org (for example to make sure employees in the US have access to US clients and employees in Germany have access to German clients).

On top of all that, when using OnTime with Salesforce in this manner, it comes pre-equipped with flows that can, for example, open your Opportunity Team in OnTime immediately to simplify and quicken your organizational talents and save you even more time to plan meetings, projects and more.

For those that want to get even more out of that, it’s even possible to control startups within OnTime via URLs to pre-plan meetings that always include the same group of people and more. An example of how can be found on page 128 in the documentation. Of course, we can offer you an example flow as well.

OnTime group calendar works effectively in Exchange OnPrem or Exchange Online, as well as in any combination. OnTime overcomes the limits of IT systems for you!

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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