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Ein Produkt, das uns gut gefiel, ist Rollbase von der Firma Progress, zur unkomplizierten Applikationsentwicklung in der Cloud. Wir prüfen gerade, ob wir es Ihnen demnächst anbieten.

Rollbase ist ein geprüftes RAD-Werkzeug, mit dem Sie Cloud-basierte und mobile Business Applikationen assemblieren, anwenden und managen können. In Clicks denken, nicht in Code.

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Ein paar mehr Informationen in Englisch:

Rapid application development in the cloud – Seriously fast delivery for a more responsive, agile business

Rollbase is the proven RAD tool designed to meet these growing challenges. It gives you everything you need to assemble, deploy, and manage mobile and cloud-based business applications—from CRM to HR to government.

Part of the Progress Pacific platform as a service (PaaS), Rollbase is simple, fast and flexible. You won’t find a better approach to rapid application development:

  •  Assemble apps quickly
  •  Deploy anywhere
  •  Manage easily
  • Think clicks not code

Anyone can build new apps in hours. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Point-and-click wizards walk you through the process.

Deliver powerful apps faster

Use step-by-step wizards to define your application’s data model, objects, workflows and more. Kick-start your projects with customizable templates. Use standard APIs and JavaScript to tailor to your needs. And deliver a modern, remarkable user experience.

Deploy anywhere

With Rollbase, it’s your choice of configuration – hosted cloud, private cloud, or hybrid. Deploy Rollbase applications on any infrastructure and run on any device. It’s simple to integrate with other applications—and data.