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What ways are there to simplify catering for meetings?

  • Post published:2024-01-22
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Organizational challenges and overcomplications

Planning an event can be a daunting task that requires considering various factors, including arranging food and drinks for your meeting. Internal or external meetings, room allocations, times, important information such as food allergies; Organizing catering specifically for your meeting needs can be very simple or very complicated. Catering not only has to be requested for orders from out-of-house but can also include internal catering via a canteen.

The most common questions or problems typically include one or more of the following:

  • How can you connect catering directly to meeting planning?
  • Which rooms have a catering service and what can you order there?
  • What happens if meeting details such as times or rooms change at short notice?
  • Can I plan catering in a meeting? (Welcome coffee in the room, lunch in the canteen, fresh fruit and coffee in the afternoon)
  • Is there an app that optimizes the work processes for the catering staff and guarantees the kitchen management an overview?

The key to providing a professional and efficient catering service for any type of meeting is ensuring that these issues are resolved.

Current Alternatives and Solutions

Even today, manual alternatives are often used when planning catering. Paperwork, a call to the canteen – maybe a second or third as soon as something changes.

In order to ensure a smooth process for the kitchen and catering, everything should be able to be found at any time and at a glance, a challenge that still needs to be overcome in many services.

SES Astra and Catering

SES has a bold vision to deliver amazing experiences everywhere on earth by distributing the highest quality video content and providing seamless connectivity around the world. As the leader in global content connectivity solutions, SES operates the world’s only multi-orbit constellation of satellites with the unique combination of global coverage and high performance.

SES Astra in Betzdorf

What was particularly important for SES Astra was a uniform overview and a regulated flow of various interacting points around meetings, especially with outsiders and visitors. Whether it’s room displays, catering or of course visitor registration, a unified process that connects and simplifies everything: OnTime was the solution that SES Astra chose.

  • “Our caterer is thrilled with the Ontime Caterer module, which provides them with all the information they need to create a delicious and efficient catering experience.”

– Guy Kirsch, SES Astra

If you’d like to learn more, you can read our customer story here!

The all-in-one solution

OnTime ensures that all your catering needs run smoothly and informs you or the canteen of any new changes as they occur.

An overview over the catering menu, You can see rooms, time and date, leave comments for the caterer and more. You see a full menu including pictures, allergens, prices and total amount.You’ll be able to see all relevant information in the meeting in Outlook, including room, time and order as well as the current status. If for any reason anything changes, you or the canteen will get notified respectively and can react accordingly.

The final look on the order with invitees, room, time and place as well as several different orders at different times and even different locations for a full-day meeting.

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With the OnTime group calendar, you can cover all important topics from meeting creation to visitor registration, room booking, catering and more, ensuring a perfect experience for you and your customers and visitors.

OnTime group calendar works effectively in Exchange OnPrem or Exchange Online, as well as in any combination. OnTime overcomes the limits of IT systems for you!

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