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How can I enhance multi-tenant collaboration?

  • Post published:2023-08-31
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Company Mergers and Exchange issues

Whenever companies expand their business, be it through merging, acquiring or daughter companies, there are many new opportunities for success, evolution and collaboration.

With all of the opportunities also come new challenges, however. Coordination, organization, communication are all topics that need to be figured out – something that calendaring can help with, if it weren’t also on different tenants or the Exchange systems need to be connected first.  An often daunting task that lags behind the actual merger itself and thus costs everyone a lot of time and resources.

There are several challenges that come along with it, some of which include the following:

  • Is it possible to connect or even mix On-Prem and Cloud systems?
  • What alternative is there to free time lookup?
  • What if teams need to work across company borders and need to able to have calendar views?
  • Can systems be connected faster and in a less complicated way?

Lack of Alternatives

The main problem is that there are few to no real alternatives to this. Exchange is allowed to look up times from a different Exchange – this does the bare minimum to help ease the problem, but can’t deal with most of the other issues.

Having a solution that works as a bridge across companies and merges all needed calendar data and rights is either something time-consuming to create or simply non-existent.  Or is it?

The all-in-one solution

OnTime has managed to become a bridge for companies in these cases, allowing to connect the companies’ calendar systems in a quick and reliable fashion. It doesn’t matter if the tenants are On-Prem, if they are cloud based or even a mix between the two. The usual challenges that arise from companies growing in that manner are tackled effectively without spending a lot of time needing to catch up the differing IT-systems to allow everyone to work with minimal time- and organizational loss on both ends. This challenge of course becomes even more pressing the bigger the merger is – the more people to connect and overview, the longer it takes and the more expensive it can get. In this case, having a bridge that connects both saves a lot of stress and money.

Waiting for everything to be connected after a merger takes a long time and delays too much of your work, getting in the way of a smooth collaboration.

Try our online demo now.

The public demo itself is based on an On-Prem Exchange, multi-cloud is something we can demonstrate in a meeting.

With OnTime Group Calendar you can be ready to work and collaborate before all these challenges even arise in the first place – be it merging or acquiring, we can most likely connect it!

If you require a set of permissions and rights in specific user groups, this will of course be included to be made sure only certain user groups will have access to certain information, as well.

Would you like to find out how OnTime Group Calendar could benefit you and your organization?

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