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How can I see all my team members’ calendars in MS Teams?

Teams Calendars

Microsoft Teams provides organizations with a world-class unified communications platform which is rapidly changing the everyday work life of many organizations. It is a tool many of us use and have been using for a long time; it has many useful features, helps us manage and coordinate, communicate both in text and video and is being constantly worked on and improved.

There are a few things  that make coordination and team management less fluent and intuitive than they could or should be, however. Some functions that many would consider to be baseline or important have yet to be added and one of these is very clearly an option to integrate the Office 365 group calendar into MS Teams. With it come several other questions.

  • Is there a month view in the calendar?
  • How can I add or remove channel calendars or events?
  • Can I manage all the notifications going out from the calendar events?
  • Is there a way for me to interact with my team without having to leave the application?

Feedback and Considerations

There is a thread in the feedback portal on the Microsoft page that asks about these very things. As of August 2023, almost a year into the thread’s creation and over 26,000 votes for this, it has only found enough purchase to be “considered” by Microsoft.

Here is some of the other feedback and wishes in the thread:

Despite the large amount of feedback and the applications existing, a working integration yet has to be found. Creating channel calendars is not working the way people need group calendars to work, being taken out of the application can feel counterintuitive when trying to interact with your teams. So what else is there?

The current solutions that exist from Microsoft’s side don’t hit the core of the problem: If you have a large team and you want to be able to view all those people not just for days or weeks but months, you simply can’t. It is not made with large teams in mind and will leave you needing another alternative.

Introducing: OnTime

With the OnTime® Group Calendar it is always our ambition to provide our users with the best possible overview in a visually appealing style. Therefore, there is obviously also a full-blown OnTime® Calendar for your MS Teams. As you would probably expect the calendar widget allows you to zoom in on a day by clicking the date and to schedule appointments, all day events, and meetings that will be synchronised with your personal calendar in Microsoft Exchange.

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You can of course also easily interact with your team directly from the calendar in an easy and intuitive manner without having to check your team and calendar separately.

Of course, it has all the other functionalities as well – be that the ability to make and vote on polls, plan out of office times, all the scalability and overview you can ask for, and more.

OnTime Group Calendar in Teams is easy to install within minutes and maintains itself. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to worry about which people are leaving or joining the Team, as it will automatically show in their group calendar.

26,000 votes for these functionalities are 26,000 votes for OnTime.

OnTime group calendar works effectively in Exchange OnPrem or Exchange Online, as well as in any combination. OnTime overcomes the limits of IT systems for you!

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