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Is there an alternative to Find My Time in Outlook for Exchange OnPrem?

  • Post published:2023-08-15
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Calendar Ping Pong

We all know the undoubtedly frustrating feeling when wasting valuable time and assets on scheduling a meeting both externally and internally.

The calendar ping pong that can go on forever, simply trying to find space in busy schedules. A problem that is undoubtedly known to any and every person who’s ever had to try and set up a meeting with somebody else. This gets exponentially more difficult, if not impossible, the more people are involved. Everyone has their own schedules, both private and work-related, to coordinate – so is there a way to do this?

  • How can I see availabilities at a glance without going through every single day one at a time?
  • How can I create polls for 100+ users?
  • What is the alternative to Find My Time, on prem?
  • How can I see my poll reply after I cast my vote?
  • What about E-Mail addresses and general data security? (GDPR)
  • How can I make sure polls are deleted after a defined number of days? (GDPR)

The Status Quo

At the moment, most people – possibly including yourself – rely on the tools we have access to. This can result in having to painstakingly go through date by date to look through availabilities, getting many mails about votes, possibly even having to manually inserting all data including email address, names, titles, dates etc. into a third-party system, a time consuming and tiring process.

Gesamtmetall’s Success Story

Gesamtmetall is a Federation of German Employers’ Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries.

Gesamtmetall arranges countless events and sessions for their members every year. Every event is particularly aimed towards a specific community inside the federation, and therefore the invitation list varies from event to event concerning both internal members and external participants. In order to find the best date for every event assuring the highest possible attendance, Gesamtmetall uses OnTime Pollarity.

Thanks to Gesamtmetall’s feedback we also implemented the possibility to archive polls. This way, you can easily use a template poll with the same group of people to build a new poll on without manually finding them all first.

The all-in-one solution

With OnTime Pollarity, you can see availabilities highlighted immediately, making picking possible dates much easier and time efficient. Internal users can quickly and easily vote on polls and even discuss them in the application itself and have the possible days of the event marked as busy until the event itself has been confirmed. This way people will see that the date(s) in question are currently already booked for you and there won’t be any issues with double bookings or similar.

Try our online demo now.

Externals will get an E-Mail with a secure link to vote on their preferred dates. (Please not that the demo version does not send out E-Mails.)

All of this can also be done multi on-prem and / or multi-cloud, depending on your needs.

Scalability, usability and data security are the main drives of the Pollarity addon. Offering a safe internal solution, prevent users from using unwished external cloud solutions and opening backdoors to data breaches.

OnTime group calendar works effectively in Exchange OnPrem or Exchange Online, as well as in any combination. OnTime overcomes the limits of IT systems for you!

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