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A smart way to reduce memory space in Salesforce!

Memory space in salesforce is rare and expensive, nevertheless it is often needed for Integrations such as Outlook, Mail, etc. Q!365 is your solution to save memory space in salesforce and with that: cash!

In addition to the main integrations such as Sharepoint Online and Teams, Q!365 stores attachments of incoming e-mails elegantly and in the right context in Sharepoint Online and only keeps references in Salesforce. Due to this references, Salesforce’s own tools, such as workflows,  or approval and signature processes, can still be used, but without investing as much memory space.

This fits natively into the strategy of DMS automation with Q!365. The included API classes, which Q!365 makes available to Salesforce developers at no additional cost, keeps the effort at a minimum.

The user experience for Salesforce users, stays the same and the on-board file viewer from Microsoft even expands the visibility of various file formats: For example, video files are opened in a native online player and common Office files can be edited immediately.

Q!365 is great to adapt classic requirements for DMS automation in Salesforce and in combination with Salesforce’s own Outlook plugin, it becomes an even better powerhouse combination.

We would be happy to support you develop your individual integration concept and if wished, we are also there to implement your solution.