London’s Calling!

Europe's Largest Community Led Event for Salesforce Professionals will be back in 2023. Don't miss this full-day power event with some of the best speakers on a variety of Salesforce related topics! This event is led and organised by the amazing Salesforce community and this year Qkom will be taking part in the Demo Jam with Q365!. Andreas Rosen and Oliver Haucke will there, will we see each other?  Finde more information on London's calling here (↑) London, UK The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London

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YeurDreamin’ (↑) is the very first community-led event for Salesforce professionals in Benelux! The event is a one-day full exciting event with multiple tracks of content and some of the best Salesforce speakers that you don’t want to miss. The best part of YeurDreamin’ is that the event is organized, run, and delivered by people from within the Salesforce community. We'll be taking part in the Demo Jam this year! Andreas Rosen and Seely Schmidt will be there on the Booth for Qkom. You will find the schedule here (↑).  Let’s meet! Brussels, BelgiumFactory Forty, 40 Rue des Anciens Etangs


A smart way to reduce memory space in Salesforce!

Memory space in salesforce is rare and expensive, nevertheless it is often needed for Integrations such as Outlook, Mail, etc. Q!365 is your solution to save memory space in salesforce and with that: cash! In addition to the main integrations such as Sharepoint Online and Teams, Q!365 stores attachments of incoming e-mails elegantly and in the right context in Sharepoint Online and only keeps references in Salesforce. Due to this references, Salesforce's own tools, such as workflows,  or approval and signature processes, can still be used, but without investing as much memory space. This fits natively into the strategy of…


Salesforce Integration in Microsoft Teams is ready to be used

There was no official news yet – but you can configure it and use it. All our tests worked fine.The new Salesforce Teams App offers a great way to see Salesforce Data inside Microsoft Teams. Our App Q!365 adds all the features to see and automate Teams from inside Salesforce. Both ways are important for a successful Teamwork.We at Q!kom love the Salesforce Teams App – so we already automated the Tab creation from inside Salesforce.To check if you are ready just search from Salesforce Setup, in the Quick Find box, Teams, and then select "Teams Integration". Remember that your Microsoft Admin has to…


Q!365 is your SDK for Integrating Microsoft 365, Teams and Sharepoint into Salesforce

Q!365 is the perfect toolset to build your automation solution without compromises. Attach any given Salesforce (incl. custom) object records to your automation workflow. Mix and match the creation of folder structures, Document Libraries, Sites, Teams and Channels. Maintain folder templates in SharePoint and let Salesforce Account and Opportunity teams drive the permissions. Q!365 brings the complete Microsoft Graph API landscape into the game – often in one line of code. Get started today.!365 | Automated SharePoint Integration in Salesforce What‘s next – ready for test?Here is the link to Salesforce’s Appexchange marketplace You might also like: Salesforce Integration in Microsoft Teams is ready…


How to use Sharepoint & Teams as background document repository for Salesforce

Salesforce Integration with SharePoint – powered by Microsoft GraphThis and other details of integration is discussed in the Video from Ragnar Heil (MVP for Microsoft )  with Andreas Rosen and Dominic Ley from the QKom App Team. QKom offers deep integrations and automation from Salesforce into Microsoft 365 with the App Q!365In the video you will see how to create and visualize project folders, who to upload files and to use sharing with external Users – all from within Salesforce. the end of the discussion, they show how easy you create Teams Meetings directly inside Salesforce. In the end the App enables…


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